Born in Buffalo, New York on July 3rd, Damone Tyrell discovered his love for the arts at age 7 when he began drawing. Although drawing was his first love, his true passion was music. After spitting his first freestyle rap on an old tape recording machine, he became hooked. 


His first introduction to hip hop came during long car rides with his mom, traveling from Buffalo, New York to Stone Mountain, Georgia. She would often play music from artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Mary J. Blige and the likes. These early influences of hip hop and R&B awaken an even deeper passion for music. 


At 14, he began discovering his knack for putting words together. As a troubled teen who was angry because his father wasn’t around, his escape from the pressures of reality were to write. Many of his early rhymes are filled with questions about why his father wasn’t there and heartbreak experienced as a teen. His initial raps felt awkward and foreign, but as he matured and grew, his writing reflected this change as well.


In high school, he began to gain a name for himself after performing at a school show. Eventually, he pursued his musical aspirations by trying out for MTV’s Made. Despite not winning the contest, he continued to perform locally at venues and events such as Club Obsessions, the Sweet Auburn Festival and various charity events with the group H.Y.P.E (Healing Young People thru Empowerment). Dr. Adia McClellan Winfrey, founder of H.Y.P.E., saw potential in Damone and made him an honorary member of the HYPE movement. 


In 2012, Damone released his first project, a 6-song EP entitled U.C. (Uniquely Creative). His portfolio of performances continued to grow over the coming years. In 2015, he participated in the Teambackpack MULA event and he released another album entitled 3 – produced entirely by Rob "Bangers by One" Goldsmith – another well received album that gained him an even larger following. Eventually, he went on to perform at the Bar Exam, an Atlanta open mic event, and won. Gaining not only the respect of the local Atlanta community, he also gained the attention of a local Atlanta hip hop blog called, Dead End Hip Hop. 


After years of dedication and focus on his craft, he is finally gaining the much-deserved respect and recognition of the hip hop industry.

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