Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

As you may have heard our very own Damone Tyrell is releasing an EP this Friday (9/16/16) with the help of Atlantas premier hip hop blog "Deadendhiphop"! Here is a single from the EP entitled "Catch 23" where Damone does what he does best and spit heartfelt, noteworthy bars over the dopest of production provided by "Beatsinmybackpack"! Check the video out, edited and shot by ModestMedia of DEHH below!!

Bakari B.- SouthernPlayaListic-Tales/Loving Negligence: The Visual

In honor of his father's birthday, Tha Specktrum's own Bakari B. comes back with another visual, but this time, for his track Loving Negligence, along with a surprise acapella titled SouthernPlayaListic-Tales. Is this a day in the life of a young Black brotha' from the Eastside? Is thriving apart of the mindset of everyone? Or is this a sucka-emcee's worst nightmare? You decide.

An astonishing thank you must go to KD Gray for shooting this visual, along with Dane Caston (World Peace Connection) helping direct this experience. Also, a special thank you to each individual who is apart of this visual experience. We hope you enjoy...Thank you!

"The Prince and MJ of hip hop"

Here at Tha Speck we pride ourselves on hard work, diversity and dedication, so it shouldn't be a surprise that within just a couple days our boys have released another song. This "Heyitsvidi" produced track is entitled "Purple Thriller" and while it doesn't make any references to Prince or MJ directly, it certainly boasts energy reminiscent of the powerful creatives we've lost over the years. Check out the full song below!!

On The Spot

It seems like every other day we're posting something our boys at Tha Speck have been up to. This time around Damone Tyrell has teamed up with DeadEndHipHop, Maschine Masters and J57 to bring you one of the dopest sessions ever conceived. Check out the link below and make sure to subscribe to Tha Specktrum.com for more updates about Tha Blends.

Lovin U

Tha Blends have been very busy lately building their empire but bess believe they're working hard to bring you more content. Here's a song from Cali producer Vidi featuring our very own Damone Tyrell. Visit Vidi's sound cloud to check out his other music https://soundcloud.com/heyitsvidi

Audio Below




Speck Saturdays

Here at Tha Specktrum, we strive to bring you new and exclusive content that we feel as though represents the sight and brand perfectly. We plan to give your our own content on what we call "Specktrum Saturday's." These might be every Saturday, every other, or random Saturday's, so make sure you tune in to find out. This segment will bring exclusive content like Vlogs, New Songs, Visuals, Merch and so on. Today marks the beginning of "Specktrum Saturdays" and one of our prime blends Damone Tyrell is kicking it off by releasing visuals for his single "Lint". You can watch the video here and listen/download to the song below. Thank you for "Coloring Your Reality" with us.

- Tha Speck

The Bar Exam 11/20/2015

Last night, Tha Specktrums own Damone Tyrell took home the title of "The Bar Exam" winner. The competition was definitely stiff, but Damone persevered and claimed the crown. The event was hosted by MICXSIC of Savage Fam (and for more info on Savage Fam and their events, follow Mic on twitter[@MICxSIC]). The event was held at the Apache Cafe in downtown ATL (for updates about apache follow them on twitter[@apachecafe]). Also, DeadEndHiphop were the guest judges (for updates on new content and to become a patreon, follow them on twitter [@deadendhiphop)]. Damone Tyrell followed up by performing at the next Bar Exam which was held on Friday, Dec. 18th and we thank you for the support! #THASPECK.

Damone Tyrell

Representing passion in its raw form, Damone Tyrell is a rare breed. Hailing from the planet Crim (the red planet) and dubbing himself "Tha Specktrums Specktur," he embodies the intensity of his people, but at the same time holds a specific characteristic foreign to the people of Crim. Damone Tyrell's shade is abnormal but can only be described as a pinkish-red. 

First Stroke

Welcome. You Are Now Tuning In To Tha Specktrum

Tha Specktrum was created by Damone Tyrell and Bakari B., in an effort to inspire diversity and share unique vibes and vibrations through sounds, and visuals. Our culture is influenced by acts of creativity, artistic vision, and charity; therefore, Tha Blends hope to use their understanding of these elements to bring the world together through music, art, and activism. The members of Tha Specktrumuse "blends" (blends of color) to offer their individual and collective perspectives of society, growing up, music, life, the world, etc.

Being that the world is full of many different colors, many of us try to make on or several colors more vibrant than others; when in fact, all colors will gleam astonishingly upon our own thoughts and "perspecktives" we have as individuals. With segregation still existing today, the entity of unity is nearly extinct in its true form, with hatred and division being more potent than bond and togetherness. However, these two creators at Tha Specktrum plan to show how "colors" are vibrant, creative, capturing, distinct, and contrasting, yet all blend through art (music, visuals, etc.). Enjoy.