The Bar Exam 11/20/2015

Last night, Tha Specktrums own Damone Tyrell took home the title of "The Bar Exam" winner. The competition was definitely stiff, but Damone persevered and claimed the crown. The event was hosted by MICXSIC of Savage Fam (and for more info on Savage Fam and their events, follow Mic on twitter[@MICxSIC]). The event was held at the Apache Cafe in downtown ATL (for updates about apache follow them on twitter[@apachecafe]). Also, DeadEndHiphop were the guest judges (for updates on new content and to become a patreon, follow them on twitter [@deadendhiphop)]. Damone Tyrell followed up by performing at the next Bar Exam which was held on Friday, Dec. 18th and we thank you for the support! #THASPECK.