First Stroke

Welcome. You Are Now Tuning In To Tha Specktrum

Tha Specktrum was created by Damone Tyrell and Bakari B., in an effort to inspire diversity and share unique vibes and vibrations through sounds, and visuals. Our culture is influenced by acts of creativity, artistic vision, and charity; therefore, Tha Blends hope to use their understanding of these elements to bring the world together through music, art, and activism. The members of Tha Specktrumuse "blends" (blends of color) to offer their individual and collective perspectives of society, growing up, music, life, the world, etc.

Being that the world is full of many different colors, many of us try to make on or several colors more vibrant than others; when in fact, all colors will gleam astonishingly upon our own thoughts and "perspecktives" we have as individuals. With segregation still existing today, the entity of unity is nearly extinct in its true form, with hatred and division being more potent than bond and togetherness. However, these two creators at Tha Specktrum plan to show how "colors" are vibrant, creative, capturing, distinct, and contrasting, yet all blend through art (music, visuals, etc.). Enjoy.